Why Successful Startups Don’t Go It Alone

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Why Successful Startups Don’t Go It Alone

As an entrepreneur, you have to work with many team members and talent to bring your idea to life. Finding the right recipe for a successful team can be difficult when combining a variety of personalities and skill sets. Assembling or developing the right team paves the way for a smoothly functioning and achieving company. But like any good recipe, it requires a number of steps to obtain the final product—success.

As you set out to launch your vision, remember that the direction you go is not determined solely by your leadership abilities, but by the people behind you. Thus, your leadership and discernment is needed long before you’re actually leading a team.

Follow these steps to start developing an empowered team that embraces your vision as its own and drives your business forward.

Have a team standard

In every relationship, whether we admit it or not, there are standards. This is no different for business. Create and follow a standard for your recruiting, interviewing and hiring process to keep it streamlined and replicable. Know what criteria you’re weighing candidates against, and evaluate them closely to ensure they really have what you’re looking for. Skill should never be the only standard. Think about the culture you want to create. Look at the qualities you need. Evaluate core skills and soft skills. Know what each potential team member brings to the table before you hire.

Interview many candidates

Never hire the first candidate. Look at many different talent pools to find the right people for your team. Picking from the same pot again and again can create a stagnant team full of similar mindsets and approaches. Instead, pick from a live, bubbling talent pool. Interview many people. Is their vision similar to yours? What is their value proposition? Why do they want to work with you, and what can they offer you in a mutual give and take? Get to know them before placing them in a position that can make or break your company.

Identify leadership qualities

When hiring and/or vetting new team members, strive to identify their key qualities quickly. You can then place them in a role that they can embrace as their own to flourish, which will help your company flourish by default. In a healthy organization, there are bulldozer types, and there are shovel types. Not everyone is a leader—and that’s great. Successful structures are built with foundations and supporting frames and columns. Your job is to put them in the right places.

Hold regular team meetings

This can be difficult in the era of increased remote work. But keeping your team motivated, accountable and on the same page is integral to ongoing success. Hold team meetings and calls—but make sure you find the right balance so that you can empower your team to do what they do best rather than micromanaging them.

When your business hits a bump in the road, your team will be your lifeline to survival. Building a strong and loyal team is essential to longevity and success. You’re only as strong as your weakest link—so make sure your weakest link is a winner.

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