3 Content Challenges for Life Science Marketers (and How To Overcome Them)

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3 Content Challenges for Life Science Marketers (and How To Overcome Them)

The life sciences industry is constantly evolving. Big chanes are happening all around. Shifts in the industry bring shifts in marketing strategies and relationships with consumers. The traditional methods of finding customers and securing sales are obsolete. Cold calls, ads in the paper, and other traditional content have been replaced by white papers, infographics, and microsites. The new content-driven strategy is helping businesses achive their end goals, and 56% of marketers agree that taking the time to create custom content will lead to higher engagement.

But best practices for content marketing are changing across industries with the rise of technology and accessibility to information. Today, no two industries are using the same strategies. The life sciences industry has typically struggled with finding the best ways to adapt to this new world of content marketing with a customer-centric focus.

If your life science business is facing any of the following struggles, know that you’re not alone. These challenges are consistent across the industry. But you can overcome the hurdles and see positive responses from your customers and sales teams.


Challenge #1: Applying New Marketing Strategies

The life science industry has had to change its marketing strategy from a product-centric focus to put the custmer at the helm. Sales reps now have to worry less about selling the products in their inventory, and more about connecting with buyers and ensuring that they have a positive experience throughout the buyers’ journey. Content marketing is all about an inbound strategy that brings customers to you instead of you having to chase them down. For many marketers and sales teams, an inbound strategy requires relearning how to use content and approach customers. But it’s worth it. Studies prove that inbound marketing consistently brings in higher quality leads, with success increasing year over year.


Solution: Keep Customers in Mind While Creating Content

A good content strategy doesn’t push information at potential customers; it places itself in front of them as they search for information and make purchase decisions. Communicate with your team about the importance of knowing your customers and how they form a relationship with your company. What content are they looking for? When are they looking for it? How can it be used through each stage of their journey? This relearning may require individual coaching and increased communication with struggling team members, but will put your team on the right path toward success.


Challenge #2: The Only Constant Is Change

Every industry evolves over time, but no industry changes as quickly as life sciences. Regulations that have been in place for years can change in the blink of an eye. Customers and critics may rely on facts, but these facts don’t always stand the test of time. Outdated regulations and guidelines in marketing collateral can raise compliance issues. This leaves companies struggling to round up outdated information and clarify what can and can’t be used after yet another round of industry changes.


Solution: Stay Compliant in an Inconsistent World

The life science have always been held to higher standards and met with more skepticism than other industries. Learn to embrace these standards, and suggest specific materials for all sales team members to use. When your whole team is on the same page about which content to use and what information to share with customers, you will be less likely to run into compliance disasters or misinform your buyers.


Challenge #3: Communication and Alignment: Who Knows What?

How can you inform others of changes within your business? When messages pass thorugh mutliple sources, they can become muddled and less than effective. This challenge is tied very closely to the challenge of keeping current with facts and science. How can you make sure every member of your sales team is using the most current content?


Solution: Strive for Alignment

Messages to your marketing and sales team must include information about what content can be used when communicating with customers and what needs to be filed away. Alignment should be a top priority in your marketing strategy. Is your message in alignment throughout your marketing and sales department? Do the information and cited sources align with current standards and facts? Communication should include a confirmation of these answers across the board before moving forward with new information or strategies.

Marrying the demand for a customer-centric strategy with the high standards for technical accuracy is a unique challenge for the world of life sciences. But overcoming these challenges is possible, and will drive your audience right to your open business door.

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