Growing Your Business? Tenacity Will Fuel You To The Top

Growing Your Business? Tenacity Will Fuel You To The Top

Spoiler alert: Your great idea won’t get you to the top. Your minimum viable product won’t be your door to fame and fortune. Shocking, but true. They’re all necessary on the staircase to success, but for entrepreneurs (and everyone else too), one quality alone stands between you and achieving your dreams—tenacity.

Tenacity is the ability to hold on when people, circumstances, and life push you down. It’s not a byproduct of physical strength, but the endurance of the spirit. Though it comes naturally to some, and is almost a buzzword among entrepreneurs, for most of us—like any discipline—it needs to be developed.

But the journey to the top is just that—a journey. Implement these actions into your life to start developing your tenacity and start your entrepreneurial course upward.

Be critical of your experiences

When failings come—and they certainly will—you can either sit down and cry or stand up and keep marching. But pushing forward doesn’t mean blindly following the same course that led to failure. Instead, honestly admit and review your mistakes quickly. Revisiting experiences can be painful and humiliating, but learning from your failings is the only way to grow. Falling down and picking yourself back up accelerates your entrepreneurial muscle development and strengthens you for every subsequent round.

When the going gets rough, hold on

When producing anything of value (like your business) the appearance of Murphy’s Law of inevitability seems itself inevitable. Anything that can go wrong generally will. Only tenacity—the sheer willpower to make it through—will get you to the other side. It doesn’t take long to realize that entrepreneurship is much like a bucking bronco trying its best to knock you to the ground. But don’t be fooled into thinking your shining moment begins when you make it to the podium to the tune of the National Anthem to receive your medal. Your moment begins in the very throes of the fight. That’s where entrepreneurs are really born. Making crucial decisions in the moment of crisis is sets tenacious, visionary leaders apart from the masses.

Always tell your story

Always pitch your story, even if people beg you to stop. If you believe in what you’re building, telling and selling, your story will pour out like second nature, because it’s who you are. Take every opportunity to share your vision despite the naysayers and vampires who try to suck the life from your dreams. You never know what link in the chain that next person will happen to be, or where that link will take you. So talk on.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to discipline. The discipline to keep going when you want to stop. The perseverance to find a way through every obstacle, no matter what. Tenacity is crucial to your success. So stand up and take another shot—today, tomorrow, and ever after. This inner drive results in outward action, which will be your fuel to the top.

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