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TechOut LA – The power of “live” storytelling

Over the last few months, this blog was pretty dormant, and here’s why: I was knee-deep in my most challenging professional project yet. When I told my clients and contacts that I was curating and producing a tech conference, they were a little confused. What’s a writer doing in the event world, anyway?

It’s a justified response, because at face value, writing books and coordinating events seem like two very disjointed projects. But as I designed and curated TechOut LA, I did a lot of thinking about events, storytelling and the intersection of the two. I approached the conference as telling a story through the eyes — and words — of our speakers, exhibitors and attendees. Our team worked with 30 amazing speakers from tech, maker, entrepreneur and educator perspectives, and helped curate the messaging and lineup to fit within the event’s overarching theme: inspiring entrepreneurs to continue innovating. We told the story of the conference, and the community it pulled together, through marketing materials and social media. And most importantly, we chronicled all the “aha” moments at the conference through both writing and video. Some might call what we did “event planning”; I like to think of it as live, multimedia storytelling.

Events have a unique way of fostering the exchange of stories, as well as the creation of new ones formed in real-time moments. At TechOut LA, I saw audience members and speakers from different industries sharing ideas for new businesses. I saw high school students interacting with 3D printing, robotics and VR experts. It was our goal to bring together communities that wouldn’t usually meet at an event (but should) at TechOut LA, and judging by the interaction I saw there, we succeeded. Visit to learn more about TechOut LA, and my other creative agency, Pro Speaker Content, which put on the conference alongside We Are The Future and Mack Sennett Studios. Watch for more TechOut events in the future.

As writers, we’re not just wordsmiths: we’re storytellers above all else. It’s important to be dedicated to our craft so that we can share our experiences, insight and creativity with humanity. But it’s also important to explore storytelling in different ways, whether it’s through video, art, or events that encourage a tangible connection among your community members.

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