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Science and technical writing – From lab to living room

Em Writes loves a good challenge. Maybe that’s why we’re so passionate about working with doctors, scientists and experts in other technical fields. Science and technical writing is a tedious process, but the results are just the opposite: when you read a really great science book or article, it triggers the ultimate “aha!” moment. Suddenly, those confusing concepts become clear as a bell.

Last month, one of Em Writes’ recent science writing projects made its big debut. I’m not one to self-promote, but I love the way Younger Today: The Cell Solution to Youthful Aging and Improved Health boils down complex biology — what does “cell health” mean, anyway? — into a digestible dose of health advice. Check out Younger Today on It’s a quick, fun read that will show you why all-natural habits like better sleep, smarter exercise, and a green diet are your body’s true best friends. And here’s the best part: everyone can benefit from this book’s message. There’s no science background required, and no health jargon in sight.

Every day in all corners of the globe, researchers are making new, life-changing discoveries. The problem is, technical topics aren’t usually communicated very effectively. Science and technical writers bridge the gap between the lab and the living room so that the important knowledge out there reaches the masses in a compelling way.

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