Four Powerful Reasons for Marketing Automation

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Four Powerful Reasons for Marketing Automation

As companies grow, their marketing departments traditionally expand from one-man bands that share their desk with the sales and accounting staff to floor-filling teams packed with talent.


Ten years ago, large companies needed dozens of staff to handle all of the tasks associated with marketing. The bigger you were, the bigger your marketing department. But now, trends  are heading  in the opposite direction. With the advent of marketing software, companies of all sizes, but especially the largest ones, can automate a whole host of tasks.


What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is typically delivered through an online SaaS solution that helps companies  segment their customer database and automatically deliver personalized messages to each lead, tailored to their actual actions. It allows businesses to listen and respond to buyers in real time, providing relevant  communications that are much more effective at creating and keeping customers than  generic email blasts. Because automation is handled online, everything is trackable, too. Companies can use the software to analyze what works, what doesn’t and how they can improve their future marketing strategy. .


Why should I automate my marketing?

According to Forrester Research, the vast majority ( over 90%) of a buyer’s journey is self-directed. As a result, there has been a shift away from customer acquisition toward lead nurturing. This means that businesses must continually touch base with the customer throughout their journey. By using marketing automation software, businesses can achieve the following four benefits.


  1. Grow your pipeline

The success of your marketing hinges on the quality of your pipeline. Marketing automation not only significantly increases the number of leads that enter the pipeline, but it also bumps up  the rate at which these leads move forward to the next stage of the customer lifecycle. Research by SiriusDecisions has noted that companies implementing marketing automation and leveraging a lead management system experience more than 400% growth in the number of deals they close.


  1. Increase revenue and profits

Marketing automation knits your company’s sales and marketing departments together. Since the quality of leads increases right along with their quantity, sales staff have a much easier time closing leads. This has a measurable impact on the bottom line. Organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams experience 24% faster revenue growth and 27% faster profit growth over three years.


  1. Optimize your results

The sheer depth  of data that marketing automation creates means that it becomes much easier for businesses to test and tweak their marketing funnel. In a study by VB Insight, 90% of the companies that optimized efforts through  automated marketing increased their leads and 77% increased their conversion numbers.


  1. Save money and increase productivity

A marketing automation solution has two effects on staff. First, marketing departments can be streamlined and overheads reduced. This is because the software takes care of a lot of tasks previously assigned to employees. Second, it makes essential staff and sales teams much more productive, thanks to the improved quality of leads.


When your business can increase revenue and profits while lowering overheads, why wouldn’t you start automating your marketing efforts?

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