5 Digital Marketing Trends for Entrepreneurs in 2017

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5 Digital Marketing Trends for Entrepreneurs in 2017

As an entrepreneur, keeping current in the tidal wave of digital marketing trends is imperative. After all, the web is where the most important conversations are happening. Thriving online consumerism means increasingly fluid trends in the cyber marketing arena. “Change is the only constant in life” is a spot-on observation, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Customer targeting is forecasted to be more streamlined than ever as we head into the future.

For your startup to maintain maverick status in marketing, here are 5 of the growing digital marketing trends you need to keep in mind as you race toward a new year of new growth opportunities for your business.

Search Histories Driving Content

Savvy content marketers scour consumer search histories to determine customer preferences and adjust their content accordingly. They discover the 5 “W”s. Who buys? What are they buying? When are they buying it? Where are they finding it? And finally, the central question—Why? Content writers base blogs and websites and even product descriptions on the answers. Sources such as DMA’s Statistical Fact Book provide wide-ranging research on the newest trends.

Use of Geolocation

According to a DMA Twitter post, 80% of millennials use their phone in-store, and 74% of millennials are willing to receive location-based mobile alerts. Geolocating is a goldmine of opportunity to connect with consumers in real-world ways based on their geographic locations. Businesses receive proximity alerts from users’ phones, triggering mobile notices of flash sales, coupons or rewards. Even restaurants offer app downloads for hungry customers to access info on-the-go. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, get onboard with the mobile uprising.

Integration of Search/Social Media Sites

Successful startup marketing teams are capitalizing on the easy access of social media platforms and SEO metrics by merging the concepts of search engines and social media. Your copywriters can incorporate share buttons on websites, integrate keyword strategies, and include links to social profiles, videos and slideshare presentations.

Content Precision Based on Marketer & Business Info

As you study consumer trends, you can hone in on distinctive language and evocative imagery that will lure new and returning customers. Millennials are passionate for their purchases to positively contribute to the global conversation. They want to buy from brands that support their own values. Making your values, priorities and vision speak loud and clear to your audience will transform them into loyal fans and customers.

Increased Ads with One-Click Options

Ads are ubiquitous, annoying—and essential. Rather than allowing buyers to escape ads by removing pop-ups or installing anti-malware, resourceful marketers are relying more on one-click ads. Instead of traversing through multiple landing pages, consumers can complete their orders quickly and efficiently. This up-and-coming trend is gaining speed and popularity with today’s marketers.

The one-time sedate web “surfing” experience has become a tsunami coming at the startup world from all sides. Entrepreneurs and their marketing teams need agility to adapt and stay on top. Implementing these 5 digital marketing trends can boost the productivity and ROI of your marketing efforts and solidify your company as a leader in its industry.



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