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5 Tips For Landing Pages That Convert


So you want to market your product or service to drive results? Optimized landing pages provide a winning solution. Solid landing pages enable companies to generate more leads and drive higher conversion rates—and they are crucial to your success.


But building and testing landing pages is often the bane of B2B marketers’ existence, and is always one of their top challenges. Optimizing campaigns for web audiences is an ever-evolving process, and most B2B companies find it difficult to keep up. Nearly 75% of marketers struggle to find expertise capable of creating solid, optimized copy for their landing pages.


If you’re looking to boost your web presence and increase your conversions, here’s what you need to know about building landing pages that drive results.


Why landing pages are crucial to the business funnel

Landing pages are critical for winning at online marketing. A company website is meant to sell, but the fact is that most first-time visitors to your site are nowhere near a purchase decision. So how can landing pages help your customers and your business?


  • Landing pages personalize the customer journey

Think of landing pages as bait. Every fisherman knows you can’t hook the same fish with the same bait. Unlike your broader website, your landing pages give you the ability to tap into what each audience segment really cares about—value. Personalized marketing can provide 5 to 8 times the return on investment than untargeted efforts, increasing sales by 10% or more. Content drives brand and purchase decisions for 61% of customers, which makes landing pages an effective vehicle to continue driving prospects through your custom sales funnel.


  • Landing pages optimize your discoverability

In a world wide web of keywords, websites and tactics, landing pages increase your chance of being discovered by your ideal customers. A majority of companies that utilize landing pages have only 6 or fewer pages, which severely inhibits their ability to be found among billions of websites. Businesses that increase their landing pages from 10 to 15 see 55% more leads. Increase your number of landing pages to increase your chances of being found.


  • Landing pages improve conversions

Fewer than 25% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. But it’s understandable, when nearly half of prospects who click on a company’s link are being directed straight to the main website. The problem is, most prospects just aren’t ready to buy on first visit. Hence, the marketing funnel. By driving customers to targeted landing pages, businesses can start to hook them with free offers, and drive them through the customer journey toward sales conversions. Increase your number of landing pages to lessen the gap between you and your sales goals.


Types of landing pages

When it comes to creating landing pages, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Knowing when and how to create landing pages that speak to your specific audiences is crucial in getting them to respond to your CTA. Here are four common landing pages that you should know about.


Paid advertising page

Since most visitors don’t convert on first visit, paid ads, like PPC ads, Facebook ads or other social media ads, should be geared toward generating leads, not closing sales. Hence, your landing page should be focused on providing value to draw users deeper into your sales funnel.


Webinar page

These should be short and to the point. This isn’t a sales page. It’s simply an opportunity to inform and get people excited about your upcoming expert webinar, and to get them to sign up. You can link to this landing page when you email your customer list, or when you share info about the webinar on social media or on your own (or advertisers’) websites.


Launching soon page

Whether you’ve got an upcoming product launch, site launch or service launch, it’s crucial to generate a buzz about what’s coming next. By offering to keep people informed, you’ll generate leads before you ever launch, and obtain some valuable data for user interest.


Content offer page

Offering a course or other content, such as an ebook, is a win-win situation. Your prospects get valuable content they can implement into their lives, and you generate new leads with every email. Be sure to have prospects confirm the email they receive in their inbox to ensure you have a viable address to work with.


Let your offer and your audiences’ needs guide your landing page type for your best response and marketing success.


Best practices for superior landing pages

If your digital marketing efforts lack pizazz, tap these 5 tips for superior landing pages that convert prospects and take your business to the next level.


Stay focused

Focus on what you’re offering. Too many landing pages fail by trying to be everything to everyone. Identify and tailor your offering to your page’s target audience, then stick to it. Stay focused to enable your customers to stay focused on your bottom line—completing the purchase.


Maintain your message

Make sure your landing page expands on the ad that drew in your prospect in the first place. If your landing page catches your lead off guard by hiding the message they’re seeking, you’ll quickly lose credibility and a prospect. Maintain consistent messaging to eliminate complications and confusion and to convert more customers.


Get to the point

The modern consumer lives in a fast-paced world and doesn’t have time to read through long copy that drags on to infinity. Avoid losing your customers in the details of heavy text. Keep your landing page simple, streamlined and visual. You’ll capture their attention from the start and increase conversion rates by weaving in a clear call-to-action.


Connect equally

Be aware that your audience is comprised of new and returning customers. Don’t disregard one in favor of the other. A single landing page can easily address the pain points of each and connect them with solutions to their problems. Consider providing coupons for new conversions, as well as customer loyalty discounts.


Test for success

Conversions aren’t just based on a value proposition, but on how well you present it. Run your page by users and customers to gain valuable insight into what works and what needs to change. Creating and launching multiple versions of a page and measuring results can provide invaluable, actionable data to implement as you go along.


Creating a solid, optimized landing page doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. Implement these 5 tips today to start seeing the results you seek.

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