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4 Ways to Boost Your Work/Life Balance Today

Entrepreneurs are arguably the most driven people in business. Whether your startup is in infancy, fledgling stage or is off and soaring, each crazy-busy day pulls you in a variety of competing directions. Everything and everyone wants just a smidgeon of your attention, and before you know it—burnout happens. Life has a multi-faceted way of getting out of balance like that.

You may be a master entrepreneurial juggler, but eventually the plates you’ve been spinning with such finesse may come tumbling down—leaving you grasping at the pieces of a life in disarray.

But all is not lost. Remember, you are the boss and you can take back control before life runs amuck. Make these 4 minor adjustments to help you develop and maintain a work-life balance to help you and your company thrive.

Set a “clock-out” time (and stick to it)

Are you a “What can I do for you?” kind of person? As an entrepreneur/employer, it’s not only unhealthy, it’s unrealistic—and it’s not particularly productive. As a leader, your goal is to mentor people’s talents into full functionality. Trying to accommodate everyone often produces: subpar results and effectively preventing others’ from discovering and cultivating their abilities. Set a quitting time for yourself each day. Yes, time-outs are appropriate for adults, too.

Plan for the day ahead

You strategize your business plan. Apply the same techniques consistently across the board. Make a list of your top priorities in life, and post it within easy sight. Fill your calendar first with the events that take precedence in your life, then let the rest fill in the gaps. Planning = achievement, and makes you a better (and unstressed!) leader all around.

Have an email-free power hour

When you have some down time silence your mobile email alerts. Ignore the pings from your laptop. Give yourself one liberated hour free from the ever-present demands of email and the work world. Disentangling yourself from the lure of 24/7 productivity allows you to be present in your personal life—even if just for an hour. The recharge will help maintain a work-life balance, and throw yourself more fervently than ever before into building your business.

Get your zzz’s

Passionate and driven, entrepreneurs often have a particularly difficult time setting work aside and focusing on other aspects of life, like sleeping. Sleep resets the brain. It also restores creativity, enthusiasm and joy. Building a business, creating partnerships, determining short-term goals to get you to the long-term, and hunting down investors to fund your business can be exhausting. But moving through the day at constant high-frequency will eventually leave you operating in low-battery mode. Get some rest to help rediscover your inner rockstar.

Let’s face it—without a work-life balance, getting things done efficiently is nearly impossible. There’s always the whisper of the “should be doing” calling. And while it’s cliché to say that life is short, it’s also true. Reassessing or establishing an order of priorities in your routine will help you step back from the edge, and move toward success in every segment of your life. You are a world-changer. To do it right, make time for your own world.

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