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Em Writes’ ghostwriters work directly with CEOs, founders and other experts to help them conceptualize, fine-tune and finalize all their thought leadership content. Whether you need help creating an eLearning course or are looking for someone to author your book alongside you, you’ve come to the right place. We work with speakers, CEOs and experts at every stage of the content development process—even if you have a great idea but nothing down on paper yet.

Although we have experience in both fiction and nonfiction, our specialty is working with experts who want to share their expertise via nonfiction works. If you have expertise to share in science, tech, medicine, health or business/entrepreneur topics, consider us your expert partner.

A note for speakers: Working alongside our partner agency, Pro Speaker Content, we can also help you craft your full MCM thought leadership marketing strategy. The result? You’ll have a clear roadmap for how your book or course fits into your thought leadership business revenue model.

What is a ghostwriter, anyway?

A ghostwriter is a writer first and foremost. A ghostwriter uses his or her writing skills to help other people get their stories onto paper. Clients typically hire a ghostwriter like us if they have an amazing idea for a book or short story but don’t feel they’re able to write it alone.

What credit does a ghostwriter receive?

Ghostwriters typically write under their client’s name. Depending on the scope of the project, a ghostwriter could be given an “Editor” credit, or one of those “with” bylines you often see on celebrity books. (i.e. By John Doe with Emily Hubbell.)

How involved in the process is the ghostwriter’s client?

The role of a ghostwriter varies depending on the project and client. Some clients prefer a “hands off” route, where the ghostwriter pitches an outline and writes the piece independently. We’ve written some books where the author talks us through their idea in great depth, then isn’t involved again until we deliver chapter drafts for his or her approval. Other clients are very hands-on, preferring to write alongside the ghostwriter or at minimum check in frequently with feedback. Every once in a blue moon, a writer will reach out to a ghostwriter to take something that’s already written and turn it to gold. Because our ghostwriters are skilled writers, editors and conceptual thinkers, we offer a range of services depending on the project’s scope. But no matter the project, our top priority is writing in a way that reflects our client’s personality, tone and expertise.

Should I feel guilty about hiring a ghostwriter?

As ghostwriters, we’re strategic writers and editors first and foremost. But we also enjoy the process of helping other writers get their ideas across the finish line. If you have a story or expertise you’ve been meaning to share but can’t seem to jumpstart, a ghostwriter is an invaluable tool. Hiring a ghostwriter isn’t about taking credit for another person’s writing; it’s about helping your expertise and story see the light of day in the most dynamic way possible.

Key ghostwriter services

  • Thought leadership content (eLearning, eBooks, white papers and articles)
  • Book writing (nonfiction emphasis)
  • Book development and author branding
  • Line and conceptual editing
  • Manuscript writing
  • Query letters and publishing strategy
  • Book marketing
  • I have been working with Emily and her team for assistance in my presentations, keynote speeches and book development. She has been effective in her understanding of global business concepts and issues, and articulates them in a manner that will be receptive to the listener and reader.  Her style has been a great benefit, to me, as well as my company’s brand.

    Atul Vir
    Atul VirCEO, Equator Advanced Appliances

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